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252 BUSR
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443 BUSR
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443 XLBR
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517 BUSR
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545 BUSR
545 BUSR Designed to appeal to high- end motor home buyers, with sinuous wire spring supports on the seat and back for flexible support, the seat is made with....
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545 XLER
545 XLER is the extra wide version of the 545 BUSR with an electric footrest
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558 BUSR
558 BUSR Is a mid-priced seat with luxury design details.
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559 BUSR
559 BUSR Is a rolled-back look that utilizes automotive styling to create a seat that offers excellent support while cradling the user in total comfort.
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560 BUSR
This sleek seat offers the ultimate in pillow-top comfort.
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591 BUSR
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